7 Reasons Why People are Choosing NeuroMD For Pain Relief.

You’ve probably been hearing all over the internet and social media about a trending medical device company in the pain management space called NeuroMD. People praise NeuroMD with claims of relieving back and leg pain in as little as 30 days using clinically studied NMES technology. I did some digging of my own, and it turns out that NeuroMD’s success has everything to do with their technology and their easy to use treatment.

I took a closer look at why people are becoming raving fans of NeuroMD.

1. NeuroMD simply works and they have 1000's of 5-star reviews to prove it.

NeuroMD doesn’t just mask the symptoms, it corrects the source of pain and provides lasting relief by improving your musculoskeletal health. When you’re improving your musculoskeletal health and function, damaged tissues begin to heal, inflammation reduces, and your spinal stabilizing muscles become strengthened. As a result, your pain will diminish. Reducing pain plays an essential role in your overall health and wellness.

2. Easy to use at-home treatment

The easiest to use device that is fully rechargeable,  wireless, and enjoyable. Their website dotes “over 1 million treatments have been delivered to patients.” The device comes in an all-inclusive treatment kit and they have an easy to follow along tutorial video on their website.


3. Risk free purchase

With NeuroMD’s 1 year warranty and 60-day money back guarantee, It is risk-free pain relief or your money back*, you have nothing to lose besides the pain.

4. Affordable pricing for EVERYONE.

NeuroMD is affordable and recently partnered with Affirm to offer interest-free payment plans, allowing everyone the opportunity to try the device. With other devices, you could pay up to $3,960 for similar technology that is more cumbersome to use.

5. USA based company that is registered with the FDA.

NeuroMD Medical Technologies Is an FDA registered medical device company with years of research and millions of dollars in R&D creating the Corrective Therapy Device®.

6. Clinically studied technology & doctor recommended

The Corrective Therapy Device utilizes clinically studied and validated NMES technology. Doctors use this same technology for a wide range of musculoskeletal disorders and in post operative treatments. We’ve reviewed their studies here: Clinical Studies

7. They have a 1 Year Warranty.

NeuroMD backs their product with a generous 1-year warranty. Overall the company is highly regarded by both customers and doctors. They provide an effective easy to use treatment backed with several clinical studies cited from The National Institute of Health

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