Big-Pharma is Furious As New Device Is Providing Lasting Back Pain Relief.

Big pharmaceautical companies that produce pain-killers are furious as this new startup has taken a direct hit at their bottom line.

NeuroMD’s CEO – Richard Williams says:

“We believe the sooner the world stops relying on treating symptoms and moves towards curing the root cause, the better.

We’re confronting the huge problem in the healthcare industry.

…Misaligned Interests…

The patients best interest is to cure the root of the problem and get long term relief.


The big-pharma companies interest is to maximize financial returns for their investors, and the unfortunate truth is that ongoing treatment of symptoms is more profitable than correcting the root cause.

…Aligning Interests…

At NeuroMD your best interest is our best interest.”

The company says it’s not afraid of big-pharma and is going at them head-on. NeuroMD hopes to help 3 million Americans relieve Lower back pain by the end of next year (2020).

They’ve already put a small dent in the Opioid Epidemic and as more people learn about the revolutionary company, they’re sure to make a significant impact on the prescription pain killer epidemic in the next 12-18 months.

They are now offering the Corrective Therapy Device on their website and are shipping to all 50 states. You can visit their website at GetNeuroMD.com.

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