Ancestry website is accused of selling users’ DNA data to pharmaceutical companies after signing a $300million deal

‘For some, it is just a novel method to discover more about there ancestors.

Be that as it may, a neuroscientist has raised worries over well known DNA-testing sites, cautioning firms are auctioning off clients’ personal information to third parties.

Dr Hannah Critchlow said information accumulated by organizations energizing to £149 for parentage tests could conceivably be ‘controlled’ before being sold on.

Furthermore, she hailed up one firm specifically, 23andme, which a year ago sold on customers’ DNA information to a huge pharmaceutical organization.

Tending to a group of people at the Hay Festival, Dr Critchlow, from the University of Cambridge, stated: ‘Actually worryingly, you may have known about an organization called 23andme where individuals pay to give their DNA away to an organization and it will succession that DNA.

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‘At that point it may make some extremely obscure organic forecasts. What this organization has done in all respects as of late is it has gone on and sold all your DNA information to a pharmaceutical organization.’

She said the pharmaceutical firm had ‘clearly paid a considerable amount of cash for this’, including many ‘positive things’ could spring from information being sold on.

‘You can get progressively customized drug from it. Ideally you’ll have the option to discover new medicines for individuals that may have been enduring generally on the grounds that there was no customized treatment accessible to them,’ she said.

Be that as it may, she included, there is additionally ‘worry for what organizations will be doing with this information and how it may perhaps be controlled’.

In her discourse, Dr Critchlow likewise raised worries over firms’ powerlessness to caution clients about ‘genuine organic repercussions’ that may be found in their test outcomes.

She stated: ‘They can’t discharge those alerts to you in light of the fact that, by law, they should offer some sort of directing administration to go close by it. So they won’t really give you any data that could be helpful.’