The Corrective Care Protocol™ is Relieving Back Pain Globally.

The Corrective Care Protocol™ was designed by 2 south Florida healthcare professionals.

A top NMES electrotherapist with over 1 million patients treated and a leading Physical Therapist with over 25 years of experience.

NeuroMD’s healthcare professionals are world class and are driven to put the “Care” back in “Healthcare”.

The Corrective Care Protocol™ is included with every NeuroMD Corrective Therapy Device™ and assists in retraining muscle recruitment to releive lower back pain.

NeuroMD™ is the only device that corrects the source of the pain and not just the symptoms.

NeuroMD’s first pain reduction pathway is through strengthening and balancing the muscles in the lower back which stabilize and align the spine.
The secondary pathway of pain relief is NeuroMD’s ability to reduce inflammation and heal damaged tissues by increasing blood flow to the area.

The NeuroMD™ Corrective Therapy Device™ places the body in proper optimal function by starting at the source: the core and lower back.

While back pain is unique case-to-case, the body’s fundamental muscle, bone and joint structure are highly similar. When you’re improving the function and health of the musculoskeletal system you will always experience positive results.

We encourage you to read on to learn how NeuroMD’s NMES technology can relieve your pain & improve your health.

NeuroMD’s NMES technology is clinically proven to work. The studies below are not funded by NeuroMD™ or any other private company; they are academic clincial studies backed by The National Institue Of Health. There are no conflicts of interest or bias in any of these studies. You can view the full studies on the Governments website with the citation links provided under the “Clinical Studies” Tab.

How Does NeuroMD™ Work And How Is It Different?

Unlike other solutions such as Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), which stimulates sensory nerves to mask the pain, NeuroMD™ uses patented NeuroMuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES). This technology stimulates the muscles at the motor point. Once the motor neurons are stimulated, the muscles begin to relax and contract, much in the same way as conventional exercise. In addition, NeuroMD™ is able to stimulate deeper muscles which stabilize the spine that traditional rehabilitation and therapy would deem unreachable.

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